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Broken Cables Repair Services Provided Professionally

The average life of a garage door spring is estimated by experts at 10,000 cycles. While this may be true, there are several circumstances that can shorten its life. For example, extreme temperatures and low quality wire may reduce a spring’s life significantly.

Extremely cold temperatures will make the spring to freeze and snap off. Accidents too can break the springs. An accidental slam into your garage door while reversing can cause extra tension in the springs causing them to break. When this happens, call us to fix your broken garage door spring.

If you are to replace a garage door spring, you need a professional who understands the trade. Besides the skill, the technicians need to be aware of the latest spring technology in the market. Moreover, they need the wisdom to change not only the broken spring but the other ones too.

This is because the strength of the new spring is not the same as the old one. The two cannot work efficiently. If you don’t change both, the other will soon break. For all your garage door spring replacement needs, look no further. We are the gurus that even broken cables cannot give a hard time.

Fixing garage doors and broken cables with great prowess

In all garage door spring systems, cables play a fundamental role. They form part of the pulley system that facilitates the raising and lowering of the door to open or close.

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In a device that uses torsion springs, the cables are secured on the bracket at the bottom of the door on each side. If they snap on side, the door will hardly open. At best, the opening will be irregular and difficult. While repairing a broken garage door cable, our technicians will also inspect other components of the door.

They do so at no extra cost. A broken cable on garage door needs a well-trained hand to fix. It requires undivided attention to eliminate the risk of injury to people or property. It also needs a technician who will lift the door into safety before starting to fix the broken cables. Our technicians are highly trained and this is the first precaution they will take. They have a rich understanding of how garage doors function. You can rest assured that you will get a satisfactory service when you call upon them.

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